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"Ship to" information prevents orders from being processed

    Feb 05 2015 15:32:01



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    Many of my customers provide a "ship to" address that is different from their provided "bill to" address. I currently have the "ship to" fields being set at none required to be filled out. What happens is if a customer enters information into some of the ship to fields, but not all fields, the order gets rejected.
    For example, the customer enters in their FIRST NAME, address, city, state, & zip code, but OMITS their LAST NAME, and proceeds with the checkout, the shopping cart rejects the order due to the "LAST NAME" not being provided....the same thing will happen if the "FIRST NAME" or "COMPANY NAME" is not entered/ provided within the "Ship to" fields.

    How to prevent this from stopping/ preventing order from being successfully processed?

    Thank you....


    Feb 05 2015 16:05:24


    Debbie Q

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    If you have the cart set as it not being required the cart should not be rejecting it. Are you sure it is the cart rejecting it and not your processor? I would email Mal directly.

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