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website developer

    Feb 09 2015 03:33:24



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    Does anyone know a good website developer? I would like to continue to use Mals, but my site needs either a major updating or new site built. Also the site needs to work on mobile applications.



    Feb 09 2015 19:45:04



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    What is your budget?

    I see that paying with PayPal totally fails. why have it as a payment option if it is not set up?

    Having trouble with a form or need one building?
    Fast turnaround, but I do charge :)

    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Feb 09 2015 20:31:48



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    I would like to be quoted approximate hours and price. I would require to view a portfolio of modern work. I have a list of needs.


    Feb 11 2015 02:28:33


    Sonni Lou

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    I am also interested in this Lora so I am following your post with interest.

    Feb 24 2015 20:18:09



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    If you are still seeking a web developer, I'd like to be considered. I can provide more information in a PM..... thank you!