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Shipping Method in Order Notification - HTML - International Ship

    Feb 16 2015 11:35:17



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    I've recently elected the shipping notification to come in HTML format.
    The shipping information received for an international order is lacking a description of the the Shipment Method that the customer elected in the shopping cart. Cost of shipping is in the html notification.
    Here's the other detail that what was received:
    Shipping zone: : : : 0.4 :

    Using the shipping cost customer agreed to I was able to recreate the order and determine that the shipping method is USPS Priority Mail International. Viewable in the shopping cart.
    A different order received going domestic and via UPS Ground had the full shipping information included in the Order Notification.
    How to get that International shipment method information included in the html Order Notification?
    Help appreciated. Thank you.


    Feb 16 2015 18:39:25



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    Have you emailed Mal and what was his reply?

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    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Feb 16 2015 21:27:22



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    I emailed him but no reply yet.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Feb 17 2015 04:28:02



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    Thank you Alan and GT.

    I did not notice Mal as I thought maybe there was a setting change someone would point out that I might make in the shopping cart set up, but by your replies sounds like this is another shipping setting issue that falls to Mal.
    I also have my doubts now that this is related to the html format of shipping notification, but instead related to the US Postal Service ship option with a Premium account and the subscription to their auto-fill pricing.