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Swtiching to Payment Gateway not listed in Mal's

    Feb 24 2015 20:10:53



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    I'm working with a client who wishes to switch from Authorize to "PayHub". I'm not seeing PayHub on the list of gateway choices -- if they are indeed dead set on making this change, can we configure the cart to work with it? Is it done from the "Custom Payment Gateways" page? That page lists "field names" and "values" -- I, of course have no idea what information I might need to enter here. I'm hoping to get some direction from either you guys, or from the PayHub people.

    Has anyone here ever heard of or used PayHub??

    Thank you!

    Feb 25 2015 12:18:05



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    Yes you can manually set up a payment processor, you need to find out from them what field names are used and set Mal's up accordingly.

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