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Re:thumb size with drop down options

    Mar 02 2015 17:12:01



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    A9320932 said I'm experiencing same with v2. For example, a thumb image sized at 54 x 80 was showing at 90 x 133, which of made them very low resolution. Leaving the size blank, still resulted in the same 90 x 133.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to constrain one of the proportions (or both), so that whatever size thumbnail image I have, it will fit the maximum dimensions set in Mal's.

    Meanwhile, I've bumped up the size of my thumbnails generated on my server to 90px wide and they look good.

    Ask Mal to introduce the same options as used on the V1, the more that ask, the more chance we have of it being implemented, the 90 x 90 thumbs make the viewed shopping cart look far too long in depth.

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