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VAT not being deducted form non EU customers

    Mar 05 2015 20:59:21


    Ian S

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    Were having problems getting the cart to deduct tax correctly for customers in the EU with a VAT number (VAT should not be charged), and non EU customers. We are in the UK.

    Our prices include VAT, so in Tax and Shipping sales Tax (VAT), we have ticked the box that says tax is included in our prices.

    Default tax rate has been set to 20% for UK VAT

    Option 8 has been selected and the EEA box has been ticked.

    It partially works in that the Tax is displayed as zero when an EU customer with a VAT number , or a non EU customer, places an order, however the total price charged still includes the 20% VAT wed have expected it to be deducted.

    So our EU VAT registered customers, and non EU customers, are being over charged and we have to constantly refund the VAT.

    Can anyone offer any assistance?


    Mar 07 2015 12:35:57



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    I would remove....

    Default tax rate has been set to 20% for UK VAT

    Then apply the tax for UK or EU.

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    Mar 10 2015 12:18:42


    Ian S

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    Many thanks for your reply.

    But presumably this would require us to deduct VAT from all the prices in the 'add to order' buttons.

    If that's the case we have 3500 buttons to edit.