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Mobile Friendly cart template

    Mar 09 2015 12:43:25



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    Hi people,

    Having spent the last week developing our website into a responsive mobile friendly design, I have come to the last part of the puzzle - our tempate for mals cart.
    I have tested the template and confirmed it scales correctly using media queries in the attached css file, but when the cart is embedded it would appear that the form used in mals cart will not scale down to @320px mobile screen width hence the template is still in full size when viewed on a mobile device.
    As Google's deadline for mobile conformity of 21st April is haunting many webdesigners, I am hoping someone else on this forum may have experienced the same design issue.
    Thank you in advance.
    Link to our cart template :

    Mar 10 2015 09:53:11



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    Mar 10 2015 10:00:59



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    Morning GT

    Wasn't aware of a mobile version of the cart - do you have a link to further information ?

    Mar 10 2015 10:25:05



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    Further research into previous posts on this topic imply that although mals can support mobile webisites configured with a mobile url, it currently does not fully support responsive websites. The minimum width cart appears to be 400px - above most smartphones' screen size.
    Could someone please confirm this is the case.
    Responsive website design is currently the preferred option by Google.

    Mar 11 2015 00:42:10



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    Hello Chris

    Yes, I'm in exactly the same position as you are.

    Our responsive template on one of our Mal's sites is working perfectly except that on the checkout it only scales down to 400px, as you have stated.

    I'm just hoping that Google will not check the checkout and assume that as the rest of the site is responsive and scales to the various viewports that the checkout will do too.

    I tested Mal's mobile checkout a while back but discounted it for reasons that now escape me.

    My other issue is that Mal's checkout is not a one-page checkout - a must-have as far as my research into cart abandonment suggests.

    @GT - is a 'one-page' (ajax ?) checkout something you could do?


    Mar 11 2015 09:14:48



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    Hi Sharon - many thanks for your constructive input on responsive web design. I spent some time yesterday attempting to over-ride the cart table using various css attempts, eg table{width:60%} but without any success. Whatever css I applied, the table would not reduce below @400px, consequently a mobile device will not view it in mobile mode.

    I really hope the cart template framework is developed soon as there are many, many web designers implementing a responsive web famework in order to serve mobile friendly information, and the cart template framework really should handle this.

    Mar 11 2015 13:13:53



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    Hello Chris

    Ditto - I've also played around with the CSS etc and all to no avail. It was some time ago but it looks like nothing has changed.

    On my site the cart is OK on a tablet (iPad) in both landscape and portrait orientation.
    It is OK on an iphone in lanscape orientation but in portrait it has the dreaded 'Google-kiss-of-death' horizontal scroll bar.

    Whilst on the iphone, I tried adding delivery and not a happy experience. If I was a customer, I'd have to really want the product to continue. I'd previously suggested/asked if this could be be on the same checkout page and automatically update as customers do tend to play around with delivery options and expect live updates to shipping charges.

    As an aside, I've other ecom sites using OpenCart that, on the one hand, do have responsive one-page checkouts but on the other hand I like the flexibility of being able to do hopefully lean-mean-clean-fast-loading html sites using Mals.

    Mals has got some excellent features that I really like but if it would only address the responsive checkout, one-page checkout and on-page live delivery options, I'd migrate all the OpenCart sites to Mals but as it is I'm still in the same quandary just waiting and the OpenCart sites are staying as they are.


    Mar 15 2015 04:20:40


    Debbie Q

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    I have not played with it yet but I was under the understanding that version 2 of the cart was responsive mobile friendly.

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    Mar 15 2015 20:43:52



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    Debbie Q said I have not played with it yet but I was under the understanding that version 2 of the cart was responsive mobile friendly.
    Thank you Debbie, and correct. I've just tried the new version and it appears to work fine on different devices. Not tried with templates yet but something to work with.
    Anyone interested, log into cart set up and the option now appears to select cart version.