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Paypal and ..

    Mar 09 2015 16:52:28



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    What option do I have to enter if I want the customer to receive an order confirmation with all order details listed ADDITIONALLY to a payment notification from Paypal?

    Mar 10 2015 09:44:20



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    If I understand you correctly, you want a receipt from Mal's detailing the order contents, in that case you don't need to do anything, Mal's automatically sends the order contents once payment has been confirmed.

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    Mar 15 2015 04:31:16


    Debbie Q

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    Under email settings in the cart you need to check the box that says "Email a receipt to the customer"

    In the PayPal setup you need to make sure you the customer is being returned to the cart and that PayPal is making an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays. (if you are getting order notification emails from Mals than this is set up OK)

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