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Re:mOrders Simple

    Mar 09 2015 17:22:35



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    Trying out mOrders Plus 4.31 Beta - 29Mb Full version (because I get the same results with Simple as kerchmcc did). However with Full - I keep getting "Invalid Payment Password" - but I know it is right. I've reset it a few times, I've reinstalled the program. Same thing - "Invalid Payment Password". Anyone know how to fix this?

    PS: On Windows 7.

    Ian S said Have you tried the full version of m orders?

    We use it for all our order downloads and it enables us to print off invoices and despatch notes in batches with just a couple of clicks of a mouse.

    Once you've set up the templates it's easy, though working out how to set up the templates is a challenge at first.

    Mals says they've stopped development of M orders now but in effect I don't think its changed for 4 or 5 years.

    We can't get Morders simple to work at all.

    Would be interested to know how you download orders and construct despatch lists/invoices without Morders as I guess eventually Morders won't be compatible with latest operating systems.

    Morders works with Windws Xp and 7, but not sure of Windows 8. Anyone tried it?

    Mar 09 2015 18:32:00



    Join date : 2010-09-14      Posts : 19

    UPDATE: Needed to change the Payments Password to 8 characters an now mOrders Plus works.