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What code for different shipping methods

    Mar 09 2015 21:26:49



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    I have ‘Option 7: Calculated by weight or other value in bands’ as my shipping option, this works fine, but I have to send some items by Royal Mail, other items by 1 Courier because of the length of the item, then there is an even longer item that has to go be another Courier. So I have set different zones and different lengths, but the customer has to choose, and they get it wrong sometimes or just try and get away with the cheaper option. Is there a way to set a code in the product description coding so when they select any item it adds the weight and higher shipping cost to the cart. Am I right to think that I will have to use an ‘scode’ in each product description? My current set up is detailed here:-

    Zone1 - 3 day/2' (600mm) max.
    Zone2 - 3 day/4' (1200mm) max
    Zone2 - 1 day/8' (2400mm) max.
    Zone3 - 3 day/4' (1200mm) max.
    Zone4 - Overseas or Collected

    ZONE 1 = All UK - small items by Royal Mail. ZONE 2 = All Mainland UK by Courier. ZONE 3 = All UK, Ulster & Offshore Postcodes; IM, HS, ZE by Courier. ZONE 4 = Overseas (I will email you the shipping cost) plus orders collected from Shows or from Home

    Any help or suggestions I would be grateful. Thanks


    Mar 10 2015 11:16:07



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    I guess the second line should be edited out of the five line table. It's confusing asis.

    No, scode would not help. All one can pass to the shipping routine is a units total, which could be weight, or cost, or size.

    What happens to a mixed order? Does it all go by the same method? And if so do the smaller items affect the total cost?

    Some shipping help documents are available at