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Re:Shipping - US Postal Service option disappears over weight limit

    Mar 10 2015 15:05:24



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    I'm not sure what UPS does actually. They have weight maximums per box also, but they don't fail to give you a ship quote based on a shipment weight that exceeds their maximum box allowed weight. USPS on the other hand, whether at their website online or via the feed to Mal Cart will not give a quotation if the international package weight exceeds 70 lbs. Period.
    USPS being USPS isn't as adept as UPS in this regard and I may not live long enough to see them make this particular I'm looking, asking for ways to outwit the system as such. if Mal Cart was inclined it could probably program around USPS's limitation.
    Best option I can come up with now is to create a $0.00 dollar ship cost option for the buyer, so they can go ahead and place order, with wording in the ship option that we will send a quotation for shipping USPS international Priority Mail. Not ideal but when the USPS ship cost is 1/2 of UPS international - Offering USPS international cost could prevent us from losing a sale.

    Alan said Are you saying that UPS feeds back the price assuming two boxes, but USPS doesn't? If so any fix would presumably be down to USPS.

    If you do not want UPS International prices, you could remove that option but would still need to agree a charge with your customer. Splitting the order may be the best solution but I'm not sure how you can get the customer to do that. If the problem is only for a handful of products, it might be possible to add some cautionary text on those web pages.