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Re:Version 2 - payment section paypal default - not male anymore?

    Mar 15 2015 18:17:45



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    Red Kite Studios said Is there anyone here in the UK using Version 2 cart with Paypal Pro?

    Mals has said that its Paypals fault that the integration isn't working and Paypal say below that its mals fault.

    Mal is seeming to say that if i use version two, i can use Mals to add the item to the cart and collect the customer address. Once thats complete I need to go to to style the actual shopping cart area which isn't with Mals anymore its with paypal? Is this correct?

    Can anyone help?

    As I understand it...

    Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution is a relatively new integration option available to UK users of Website Payments Pro. Using the Hosted integration the cart just collects the purchaser's details then they are sent to PayPal hosted pages to complete the transaction. This is distinct from the original UK Pro integration where the entire transaction is done without leaving the cart. The Hosted solution is obviously preferable for Mal with regard to PCI compliance

    I have discovered that within PayPal Manager there are important configuration and customisation options if using the Hosted solution.

    According to Mal, it would seem that the Hosted integration is preferred by PayPal and there is no guarantee that the original UK Pro integration won't be withdrawn in the future.

    So there you have it. For the time being, Mal's UK users of PayPal Pro have a choice. Cart Version 1 using the original integration or Cart Version 2 using the new Hosted integration.