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How to set up default country in shipping?

    Mar 11 2009 19:39:47



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    Hi everyone,

    My shopping cart is using a UPS calculator. We're only shipping within US, so I edited the country list to only include US and that works. The problem is that it's still showing up as a drop-down list with US as the only option, which customers need to select. Since I only have one country, is there any way that it can just show up as default, so that the customers wouldn't need to select it every time?

    Thanks for your help!

    Mar 11 2009 20:40:31



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    I think all you can do is to lobby Mal on the subject. Might be a lot of effort.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 12 2009 21:49:38



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    I emailed Mal about this and here's what he said, in case anyone is interested:

    If you only ship within the US then uncheck the "Countries list" box on the "Links to zones" page in the Advanced shipping calculator.

    I did this and it worked. It removed the country drop-down completely, which works for me.