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cross domain break out of frame

    Apr 04 2015 11:29:54



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    chrome and firefox appear to not allow cross domain into a frameset.
    As mals basket is hosted on a different domain they now force customers who click the basket link into a new tab. This is what I am assuming the problem is anyway.
    All the outer frame links used to break out of frames but I have made them target _top instead to stop that. But nothing I do with the basket link works.
    Now I know that is not mals fault. But I just wondered if anyone knew of a way they had used to keep the basket in my main frame. Is there any way of putting the basket into a page on my site perhaps?
    I have two sites this is happening on and it works fine in IE.

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    Apr 04 2015 17:47:57



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    Works on my Firefox 36.0.4 using Windows 7.

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