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Re:Order notifications - did they change??

    Apr 11 2015 22:50:29



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    Don said I had a reply from Mal this morning, here it is.

    'I did tweak it a bit yesterday.

    I've been getting a lot of complaints recently that people can't read the order notifications on other devices, tablets and smart phones. I appreciate there is always some resistance to any change, unfortunately the way people use the internet is changing and if the service is to survive it must move with the times'.

    Yes, and the way to "move with the times" is to gracefully adapt and refine, not throw the baby out with the bathwater because a few people get vocal and start whining that "it's too hard". Seriously, if they are curious to see what sold while on the move, that's one thing, but how many people actually do their accounting and order processing only on a phone? What, they have no zoom capability on their device? Mine does and it works pretty well. This isn't "resistance to any change". It's just plain "how not to do it". Get creative. Adapt by accommodating both; not at the expense of one.

    Besides, what does double-spacing get anyone except more space used? Sure doesn't make things easier to read on a tiny screen; where a slightly larger font, sIngle-spaced might be okay for both Desktop and Mobile.

    How about an option in the cart set up:
    "I do all of my financial stuff on a really tiny screen, so send be huge type emails." checkbox.

    Then, those of us who do their office work in the office won't be wasting time, paper, screen real estate, disk space and money, while others are totally accommodated.

    Probably wasn't intended that way, but the "talk to the hand" attitude gets me more than anything else.