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Re:noqty = 1 not working

    Apr 15 2015 18:27:37



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    There's some misleading and incorrect information being touted in this thread.

    Firstly, where does it state that a qty input has to accompany a noqty input? Certainly not on the official Mal's support page (which Alan gave upthread). A qty input has always been optional with add.cfm. A simple test will show this.

    Secondly, the OP is correct - noqty=1 does not work - with Cart Version 2, although noqty=2 and noqty=3 do work after a fashion. Unticking the checkbox and updating just puts the tick back in the box! (2 and 3 are probably unneccessary these days with the delete button feature.) The OP's page now appears to work because he has changed to noqty=2

    All three flavours of noqty continue to behave correctly with Cart Version 1.

    This is just another Cart Version 2 bug which needs to be reported to Mal (Contact details at foot of page)