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Checkout jumping to end

    Apr 20 2015 14:37:09


    Danielle F

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    Several times a month I get complaints from customers that they cannot check out - that, as they complete page 1 of checkout with items and shipping, when they click to check out they immediately get "thanks for your order" notice as though the order is completed.
    No name/ address page, no payment page, no order number, no receipt - just "thanks for your order".

    I have tried to determine if it's mobile Vs desktop, one browser over another. But there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

    Has anyone else experienced this? This has no been going on for many months, and of course it could be much more widespread than the customers who have reported it.

    Apr 20 2015 16:53:36



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    Can we see your website to try and duplicate the issue Danielle.

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