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ww7 server - not showing secure on payment pages

    May 15 2015 14:44:29



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    When our customer leaves address page to enter payment gateway (sagepay uk), payment page does not show as secure. Although we use a template for unsecure pages, have tried with the secure template deleted but still same.

    Could it be an issue with the server or am I missing something in the setup ?

    May 16 2015 11:35:02



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    Your payment page is at Sagepay, you should be asking them (I think).

    Or are you saying the page at Mal's prior to the payment page is not https?

    If the latter...

    Messages and general settings

    From a security perspective there is no need to use secure pages for a name and address because we will be confirming these details in their (unsecure) email receipt but many people feel more confident if they see the "little lock".

    Use secure pages for name and address - checkbox <<<

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    May 17 2015 11:17:15



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    Hi GT - many thanks for your input. When leaving the address details page and checking "pay by credit / debit card", the next page is the secure one with a plain header and the sage card details input framework embedded in the page. The address bar still shows http aitsafe ww7 address and not the sagepay address as the sagepay card details table is still embedded in the aitsafe page.
    As mentioned previously and importantly, the only template we are using for this test is in the unsecure (top) code box on the template set up - the secure box below is blank.
    One thought is possibly if we are using an unsecure template, is the system expecting a secure one as well ?
    From memory, if we delete all templates and let the system revert to the mals basic cart, the missing padlock issue still occurs.

    May 18 2015 09:38:33



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    Screenshot to further explain problem.
    Screenshot taken on the card details page - note the address bar does not read htpps hence no padlock.

    May 18 2015 13:37:10



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    Following advice from GT, set secure page for name and address checkbox, ensured all links in template resolve to https server, and voila - all running fine with padlock present on both address and card pages.

    Many thanks to GT and Mal Stewart for their advice.