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count down script & mals

    Jun 05 2015 11:34:45



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    I have a count down script in my cart which counts down to next post time. It works fine on my home page and works in the header of the cart but only if no items are in the cart. Which obviously is not good.
    It used to work and, as far as I know, I have not changed anything.
    I had not had it active for a few months so it is possible that Mal changed something in the past few months that now conflicts.
    I don't know enough about scripts to see what it might be.
    Can anyone help, or is the a Mal only thing.

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    Jun 05 2015 22:09:01



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    The problem stems from the additional javascript for replacing text that you have added to your file cart.js This includes an onload event which is clashing with the onload in the count.js file.

    The solution is to combine the two onload events. Simply delete onload=x; from the text replace javascript in cart.js and add the line x(); at the end of the count.js file just before the last line };

    Jun 06 2015 10:29:37



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    Brilliant - it worked - Thank you very much Geoff

    I really must get round to learning code, I have no idea why this worked but really glad it did.

    Just shows a small thing fiddled with can cause so many other problems.

    Perhaps I should just stop fiddling :-)

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)