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    Sep 09 2008 04:38:33



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    As many say; I'm new on here. I was reading thru the forums and found the thread on installing a mini-cart on a web page to show number of items in cart and total $.
    My question is...
    Is it possible to expand this to also show the items in a cart? What I want to do is set my page up in cells and have one of the cells show the this information for reference on the side of the screen.
    I saw the i-frame section but it didn't look like what I wanted to do either.


    Michael N.

    Sep 09 2008 04:57:01



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    An issue might be Michael, if a viewer has picked six different items with the variations, will your cell be large enough to hold all of this additional information?

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    Sep 09 2008 12:04:43


    tom g

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    The cart only returns cart totals.

    Oct 16 2008 19:52:28



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    Could you direct me to the thread on installing a mini-cart please? I've tried searching the forums but to no avail!