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What is causing this?

    Aug 11 2015 01:46:45


    G Lewis

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    I am a newbie and I am setting up a payment gateway with Virtual Merchant.

    If I use a Buy Now hyperlink frommy web site to Mal's, when I select Pay By Credit Card it takes me to the Virtual Merchant web site and uses their payment processing form and rules.

    If I use an HTML form and pay.cfm to get to Mal's, all is fine until I select Pay By Credit Card. Then it uses Mal's site for payment processing instead.

    Why is this? Any ideas? It is not critical because I will likely stick with the HTML form. Just curious.

    Aug 11 2015 03:27:06


    Debbie Q

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    It sounds like you might be going to 2 different carts. Are you sure you only have one cart? Is the page with the product codes live so that we can look at it?

    Debbie Q

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    Aug 11 2015 09:46:38



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    I've emailed Mal. Something looks wrong on two accounts I tried.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Aug 11 2015 12:15:11


    G Lewis

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    There is only one cart. Not live yet.