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Re:Javascript Text Replace

    Aug 21 2015 12:41:47



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    This question is sort of on the same lines as it is about the toggle billing and how to change things with javascript. The answers so far are interesting but I need a bit more info. Sorry if you think I am hijacking it :-(

    I am having a discussion with mal on his facebook page about the billing address. I am not happy that, even though I tick in admin that it is required, it is only a checkbox that customers can easily overlook.
    He has no answers at the moment - just saying it is "modern convention" to only show the shipping address. Well that actually goes against what our Merchant Account rules state!
    I can't finish my responsive site until this is sorted.
    I know not many on here are using V2 yet, but if anyone has any insight into this please do help.
    I guess the easiest way round would be to change the text from Shipping Address to Card Holders Address and make the toggle "alternative address if required", but have no idea if that is possible on the free version.
    My other sites have a premium cart so could use template (apparently) but this site is not worth a premium cart yet.

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