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Suddently User ID cannot be found

    Aug 27 2015 21:29:57



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    We recently reset the passwords for both the first and second logins. Ever since doing this, none of our BUY NOW links work. It returns the following error:

    ERROR: Userid not found: C1272373

    Would you please help? Nothing has been sold all day :(

    Here is one of the pages, and we've been using this same cart for years - I've never seen this happen.

    Every link gives that same error.

    Thank you in advance for your response,

    Aug 28 2015 00:46:19


    Debbie Q

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    If it worked before and not working now I would email Mal directly.

    Debbie Q

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    Aug 28 2015 11:29:08



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    Thank you for responding. I actually did email directly and currently awaiting response. It's very bizarre. My father thinks it's all his fault because he reset the password. (bless his heart) I'm trying to tell him that resetting a password wouldn't change his userID.

    I sure hope to get the store up and running again soon. But I don't know what to do right now, other than replacing 500+ links with a new userID and start from scratch. Hopefully all that won't be necessary :(

    What in the world would make a 5+ year old userID/Account just diappear like this?

    Aug 28 2015 15:03:40



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    Is it a free cart? If so, no idea...

    Is it a paid for cart? Have you paid the annual renewal?

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    Aug 28 2015 19:16:01



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    Looks OK now.

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