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Order emails stopped coming

    Aug 30 2015 14:26:13


    Lance Sterling

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    Our "New Client Order" emails have stopped coming in that notify us that we have received an order. I checked the spam folder and they are not in there. Any ideas?

    Aug 31 2015 00:31:44


    Debbie Q

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    Even tho they are not in your spam folder they are still most likely being blocked by your ISP.

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    Sep 09 2015 02:49:26



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    Not... We run or own mail server, so have control over filtering at a granular level, and notices have stopped. I hear about it at least once a week.

    Sep 09 2015 11:07:08



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    Are they your servers or are you renting servers?

    If the latter, the hosting company can filter - you knew that :)

    If not, what does Mal say about it?

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    Sep 14 2015 14:03:24



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    I have a question. When you say an ISP might be blocking them, I'm not sure what you mean. I'm having the same problem with one of my web design client's carts. She's not receiving notification emails and this cart has worked fine for years. She checked her Gmail account online to see if they are in the spam folder but they aren't. By ISP do you mean the Gmail ISP or her ISP she uses at her house?

    Sep 14 2015 15:09:38



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    My client who is not receiving email notifications actually has 2 emails on record as who should receive the email notifications. Both are Gmail emails and hers is listed first but she is not receiving them. The person with the second email IS receiving them. The person not receiving them has looked in the online spam folder and they are not there. She will try adding the Mal's address to her contacts and also marking it as NOT SPAM. Oy..

    Nov 25 2016 18:32:45



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    This week we have stopped receiving email notification of orders. Is there a problem in the system? My ISP says they are not blocking emails.

    Nov 28 2016 15:11:13



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    Same here - just recently we stopped receiving the email from - bummer because this email had all of the details of the transaction. Thoughts?

    Nov 30 2016 09:06:39



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    This sort of thing does happen now and again. Sometimes the email address may have got on a black list or sometimes it is something else. Emailing Mal is the only way to get a good answer.

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