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Re:Different Ship to and Bill to address problem

    Sep 01 2015 07:47:05



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    You seem to be saying that, to you, the billing AND shipping address are very important.

    Do you use version 1 or 2 (the new responsive cart)?

    We have found that with version 2 there is only a shipping address and no billing address. According to Mal, that is how all the "big boys" do it and the billing address is not important. We did point out that anyone with a free mals cart would not be a "big boy", but he feels we should all emulate Amazon!

    Well in theory there is supposed to be an option where you tick to say "billing address required" but what happens in the cart is a tiny tick box customers have to tick if they want to add a billing address. NO customer is going to see it or do it.

    So if you need both - don't upgrade to version 2 or make sure you have a premium cart so you can (again in theory) change the template.

    BTW - When you say your problem is caused by Pilot Error - is that Paypal causing the problem, you, or your customers?

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