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Re:Possible to Get a Sandbox to Develop Templates for V2 Pages?

    Sep 01 2015 22:08:17



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    I know this is a very old thread but they are touching on things I am trying hard to solve.

    Mal has give me a link to the help pdf for the templates in V2";

    In that pdf is a link to a zip of templates which I have NOT found useful, but then I am still learning all this.

    The free cart cannot use templates but mal has said there is a seven day free trial on Premium but I am still waiting to hear back from him on how that works.

    V2 works ok, sort of, but I really want to switch Shipping Address to Billing Address. Everything I try does not work.

    B E JOHNSON - you said you managed to change some things - can you give us a bit more info on what and how ?

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