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Collect Additional Data Item Stuck In Cart Payments

    Sep 09 2015 03:14:24



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    At least that's where I think it would be found, or perhaps Cart Messages It's a checkbox line similar to one created by Remember Customer Data... I've looked through the cart options at least ten times. Can't find where this was set. Thinking it may be a V1 option, I switched from V2 temporarily. Nada. Seems like the input box for this type of item may have been removed and the data it contained is stuck in the database. Color me stumped.

    EDIT: And I no more than posted this then went to Admin to delete one of our carts that is not being used presently and to change the contact data on another and saw Email Marketing link in the list. That's is where the checkbox item was generated from.

    Move along. These aren't the problems you're looking for.