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HTML Email V2

    Sep 10 2015 20:12:58



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    Still trying to get V2 to work with my new responsive site.

    Mal has changed a couple of things to help with swapping the Card Holders & Delivery Address. But I have now realised there is a problem with the email receipts.

    The text version still has the billing address showing as the shipping address which looks wrong.

    I know I can change them around in the HTML template but that uses tables and would not show nicely if they look at their emails on mobile.

    It really feels like responsive is not being taken seriously and my site will be let down by the shopping basket I chose 10+ years ago.

    Is anyone else seriously looking at V2 on here?

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    Sep 11 2015 15:07:21



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    Although I have resorted to using V2, I do agree that the Billing Address should come first, with a Tick Box to give the option to insert the same Address into the Shipping Address. Otherwise buyers will get really hacked off having to type in the same Address twice.

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    Sep 15 2015 11:46:42



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    According to Mal on Facebook, that is not how the big boys do it. They only ever want the shipping address.
    As I pointed out to Mal, big boys would not have a free cart on Mals.

    We need the billing address to satisfy our Merchant Account Rules. We allow a separate billing address on our own heads. If we only showed a shipping address the secondary address check we do would fail more often and lead to more emails to customers and delayed orders.

    Perhaps we need to let Mal know that more than just me needs the billing as the first option :-)
    Or give more options, even if just for premium carts, for the labels in the cart and plain text email receipts.
    As he does not visit here often we all need to post on Facebook :-)

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)