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    Sep 12 2015 01:38:33


    Evolving Door

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    I just spoke with Paypal. First of all, if I understand this at all correctly, this has to do only with the *notification* of payment (IPN), NOT whether we can receive payments or not - only whether we're notified of a payment.

    Since we (users of Mal's) get our notices from Mal's (not directly from Paypal...or at least I don't), I'm assuming that Mal provides IPN to Paypal which, if I understand, enables Mal to send us notices.

    Mal therefore needs to check that its servers are compliant with SHA-256, and if not then they need to upgrade or do whatever magic is required to become compliant.

    I hope that's correct, but it should be at least in the ballpark. So at this point I guess we need to hear from Mal's that they're on this and it will not affect our notices of having received payments.