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    Sep 13 2015 15:56:39



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    I wasn't able to complete a test to see the SSL Version when I tried a test sale. Is there a setting I may have skipped in the cart setup? The address on the page for adding name and address is still ww4.etc

    Debbie Q said In case you are not following the other thread on the same issue.

    Sep 11 2015 16:37:47#4
    sallyohioJoin date : 2009-08-03 Posts : 1

    Mal's carts are already carrying the correct SSL version required by PayPal, which is SHA-256. Mal emailed me and said it will not affect the cart.

    You can check the certificate by following a fake order from your cart to the screen where personal information is entered. the http: in your browser bar will change to shttp: to indicate a secure layer. There will also be a lock next to it. Click the lock to open the certificate and you will see that SHA-256 is in place. No worries.