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SKU help

    Sep 17 2015 21:51:09



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    I want to set a discount for only orders placed with a certain condition (stockings with embroidered personalization) It seems like I should be able to attach an SKU number to that part of the order process. (e.g. this stocking, these colors, AND embroidered personalization.) Some do not have personalization and so have no discount) But I can't figure out where to include the number
    <input name="product[16]" type="radio" value="Embroidered Name " />
    Thanks. (Mal's Rocks!)

    Kerch McC

    Sep 18 2015 02:30:50


    Debbie Q

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    An SKU code is attached to a product not just an attribute or an option. If the personalization is a product then it needs a price and then it can have it's own stock code.

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