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Downgrade to PayPal Standard

    Oct 08 2015 04:05:15



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    Hi guys,

    I'm retiring in a couple of months (yippee)!

    I'm running my site down and taking much less money so want to change back to a Mals free cart and change to PayPal standard (I currently use PayPal Pro (UK).

    I don't want to "break" anything, so do I simply change my settings in the cart to PayPal standard and tell PayPal afterwards.

    Looking forward to your advice.



    Oct 08 2015 18:11:57



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    If it's only a couple of months, why risk any loss of earnings? I would just continue...

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    Oct 09 2015 00:12:21


    Debbie Q

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    Sounds like the logical order.

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