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Re:Cart is Suddenly Not Working

    Oct 14 2015 09:28:31


    Mal Stewart

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    The error message is comming from your payment gateway, PayHub. They are returning an empty response: a response where all the fields have empty values. I don't know why. I think the thing to do would be to contact their tech support and ask them what would lead they them to do that. It may be that they have changed something at their end or it may simply be what they do when the information being sent to them is not correct. You are the only person using Payhub so I can't check to see if it is effecting other merchants.

    BTW: I've supressed the raw response from PayHub displaying in the cart but that hasn't fixed the underlying issue. I've done that because I don't know if their response is "trusted" (does not include information that should not be displayed).

    Come back directly to me though at about this. It is not something anyone in the forum can help you with.

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