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Address Line 2 for shipping

    Oct 14 2015 21:01:28


    Craig Smith

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    I have items that ship both by parcel and also some that ship by freight carriers and have a need on some orders for an optional address line 2. I see there are additional "Checkout Fields" for the billing and shipping that I can change the name of, but I am not seeing a way of ordering the field so a custom field would follow the main address field. I thought maybe the Premium Templates may help, but I don't see it working on the field order. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

    Craig Smith

    Oct 14 2015 21:48:40



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    V1 or V2 ?

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    Oct 14 2015 23:09:17


    Craig Smith

    Join date : 2015-07-13      Posts : 5

    I'm sorry. I am testing Mal's as a responsive replacement for one of of my shopping carts. I am on version 2.

    Craig Smith