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Re:Zones and Country Lists and UPS / USPS calculators

    Nov 08 2015 04:00:28



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    Thanks Alan for trying. Most helpful comment there was "Not sure I'd go as far as saying the problem is sorted but it confirms how it works and we know what we have to live with!" - Alan

    The issue isn't about including or excluding countries - that's clear and easy enough to do. But if you're using UPS/Fedex/USPS auto calculating (premium account) For those countries you can select ONE zone option only. You must use the Coutntries list, you cannot use the (up to 20) Zones list which if you could - allows several Zone options to show up in the shopping cart. You could offer a Worldwide UPS Zone, Worldwide Fedex Zone, Worldwide USPS Zone plus in each one, the 6 options available for each of those would be sufficient. Theoretically they would all show up in the shopping cart window for customer.
    But that's not available. What is available is 1 Zone and 6 options., period. 6 Options to cover UPS/Fedex/USPS/Any Other Option you need..
    To my eye, there must be some problem at the back end using the auto calculator UPS/Fedex etc in more than one zone. More frustrating there are for the 1 Zone available only 6 Options, which is harder to understand why a limit of only 6 Options.
    Unfortunately none of it is ever explained or fixed. If it can only be 1 Zone, I need more than 6 Options.

    The issue is the claim that you can create up to 20 zones, which sounds good - I would just create a zone for