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Re:v2, no input box to enter customer email address

    Nov 09 2015 12:31:22



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    We had a similar problem and did ask Mal to put the email and phone fields in their own section called CONTACT DETAILS but he would not.
    We got around it by changing the name of those fields to CONTACT EMAIL and CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. Plus we changed the field names to actually say SHIPPING NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS plus CARD HOLDERS NAME, CARD HOLDERS ADDRESS.
    This seems to be working as customers seem to realise you put your own email and phone number in.

    I looked at the premium template, Mal even sent me a basic one, but I found it too difficult to work out so have just customised the basic V2 for now.

    I am with Debbie Q on the double check email box, I always copy and paste so would get the same error, just not worth the hassle of errors in the cart and possible abandoned carts because of it.

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