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Re:Zones and Country Lists and UPS / USPS calculators

    Nov 10 2015 05:13:34



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    Thank you Allen. I invite you to have a go at Mal on my behalf if you're inclined.
    The reason for his not making an increase in the number of options has been roughly "you're the only one in the history of Mal's asking for more than 6 Options."
    Well I doubt it, since 20 zones are on offer, and a drop down list of zones is on offer - it suggests a high interest in more shipping solutions.

    Unless I’m missing something in the shipping cart set up - If you’re using UPS/Fedex/USPS calculated shipping - the Zone choice goes down to one (1) and the options within that single Zone are six (6) only.
    I read the "Advanced Shipping Calculator - Help" and it seems to say otherwise.
    But if you set up Zones and try to use the check box “A drop down list of the zones names you’ve created” and you are using UPS/Fedex/USPS - you get a warning “You must use a countries list if use USPS, UPS, Fedex or Australia post rates services. Do not use a list of zone names.”
    So the only way to get around that limitation is more Zone Options.