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Re:Zones and Country Lists and UPS / USPS calculators

    Nov 11 2015 04:02:08



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    To your points - one zone for US which can include a UPS Ground option for Canada, One zone Worldwide which includes shipping by air to Canada - and Puerto Rico?, come one, not really of importance like your appendix.
    So you've got two Zones - USA - the options have to cover several express options and ground- UPS only or Fedex only to be consistent - and you want to add USPS as an economical shipping option? You're out of options before you start.
    Worldwide shipping - since UPS or Fedex are so expensive you have to offer a USPS lower cost alternative. Out of options yet? Take a look at the number of useful shipping options available through UPS and USPS.
    You want to add any fixed cost shipping as an option? No room.
    As said, there's a reason for the Mal's 20 zones using the Zones list. Somebody wants them and uses them.

    You want to compete against "free shipping" and mega companies like Amazon - you need to be able to offer alternatives. People change their minds about placing an order over a couple of bucks.
    The system available in Mal's UPS/Fedex/USPS self calculating is limited and limiting. In the Options lines you can't even spell out the full names - the characters are limited.
    Why should we have to play to someone's least expectations?
    When you can rationalize the 20 zones versus the 2 zones available you might have a winning argument for laying back.