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Re:Zones and Country Lists and UPS / USPS calculators

    Nov 11 2015 08:50:40



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    Thanks and always appreciate your willingness to discuss.
    Will follow up on co-opting Canada as a zone slave. One more zone would be a boon.
    I understand your context now and, well, the perspective is quite different running a business out of the US with domestic and international shipping needs. In my conversations with Mal I picked up a perspective on shipping that seemed quaint, and I don't mean to be pejorative, just surprising for someone running an e-commerce company. I also notice that no one else pitches in to this conversation. Says something.
    I have no idea what chewing up server power for the benefit of the few might mean. Never heard that idea expressed before and would be surprised if adding a few lines of Options would in fact create a burden. Surely in this business there are few things like that which cannot be overcome. All ready paying a premium would not be bothered to pay additional if it improved the shipping section.

    I love this e-commerce solution and worked hard to put it to work/make it work in our websites. Would much prefer to improve it rather than have to make a choice to leave it. Personal motto: "Adopt, adapt, Improve"