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google conversion code

    Nov 12 2015 18:45:04



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    I need to place a google conversion code on the last page after someone checks out.
    What page is that?
    Where do I find that page?


    Nov 13 2015 12:41:14



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    Messages and general settings


    Write your own instructions or message for the final "thank you for your order" page. You can have a different message for secure and unsecure payment methods. The maximum space for each is 5000 characters.

    The following special strings are automatically replaced with the appropriate values for that order:

    {id} - Shopper ID for that order
    {em} - The customer's email address
    {am} - Total amount of the order
    {sb} - Subtotal, the total less shipping and tax
    {ds} - Discount amount

    This is useful if you need to dynamically create a link to a payment processor or for a tracking image with a third party affiliate program.


    Advanced settings

    Google or Yahoo analytics
    Google analytics

    Account ID (for example UA-111111-1):

    Use the new Universal tracking code (Analytics.js)

    Use allowLinker for cross domain tracking with the Universal code

    Domain. This is the Linker domain with the Universal code, it is the _setDomainName with the asychronous code (default is 'none'):

    Store name. This is used to identify the store associated with a transaction, it is optional:


    Conversion tracking

    If you pay for Adwords from Google or Overture, or Bizrate then you may want to track your conversion rates by adding their tracking code to the cart's "Thank you" page. In each case you can find your merchant ID for the service you are using buried in the conversion code that they give you. Enter it below:
    Service Merchant ID Variable name
    Google google_conversion_id
    Overture cc_accountID merchant_id
    Bizrate mid
    Miva findwhat_advertiser_id
    SaleTrack cid
    Affiliate Window aw_mid
    MSN Adcenter domainid #VARIABLE1#
    cp #VARIABLE2#
    Yahoo Marketing YAHOO_ACCOUNT_ID
    Pulse 360 id
    OrangeSoda cid
    NextTag id
    Bing campaign analytics GUID
    Domain ID
    Action ID

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