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Re:Radio buttons - help sought

    Nov 15 2015 23:57:56


    Adam from Tamarisk Farm

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    Thank you both for responses. Using both your suggestions I have cracked it.

    Particularly helpful was the example forms at Mal's Forms. I am working through the list of errors, most of which seem to be "spelling mistakes`' as it were, such as the omission of a closing tag, but what I don't understand is how the HTML works with so many little syntax and typo errors?

    The other problems, which are more about making it tidy and the satisfaction of getting the detail right, are to make the card choice buttons conditional on having first selected the gift voucher, and that the cart shows the options as "1" quantity in an editable text box which is potentially confusing as it is only posible to buy these in singel units. I don't mind not fixing these but I feel as though I should know how to.