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Re:V2 cart problem

    Nov 29 2015 22:53:41



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    Hi Debbie

    What is the Message Board?
    Is it secure?
    How will the customer know what details to put in there?
    Can more than one message be in there at once?
    Would the customer not find it strange to use that when there is a secure cart available?
    Surely with a cart system set up there must be a better way of collecting card details securely without actually placing a new order?
    Why does the cart think a minus number is a gift card?
    Why won't it allow a 1p transaction?

    I have found a long way around the problem. If you click continue shopping after adding the shipping, then go back to the cart it will let you log out.

    There must be something wrong with the V2 or i am missing something, perhaps a setting somewhere in the cart?

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