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Re:V2 cart problem

    Dec 14 2015 13:31:39



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    FOUND IT !!

    In the gift vouchers - which I don't use - under "Redeem vouchers" it says the following.

    Most merchants only allow a gift voucher to be used for part payment of an order. That is, the order total must always be more than the gift voucher and the customer must pay for the remainder.
    If the order total is less than the gift voucher:

    - don't let the customer checkout
    - let the customer checkout

    I have never used gift vouchers and it was on "don't let the customer checkout". I changed it to the other one and my "empty order" page lets me checkout.

    I am not happy that this is a problem though and will be letting Mal know about it. The value of the minus amount was less than the total with shipping so I really don't see why it was not allowing it.

    Anyway - sorted - hope it may help someone else :-)

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