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Mini Cart

    Dec 17 2015 17:10:39



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    I hope GT is still checking this forum as I need his help on the mini cart script and V2. It may be relevant to V1 (original cart) too.

    There are two things I can't work out how to do, mainly because I am still on chapter 1 of my JavaScript book and chapter 3 of my CSS book :-(

    1 - I use the return to same page script in my View Basket Links in my nav bar as it is in an Include Page

    target="_self" onclick="'&return='+window.location,; return false"

    This works well but I can't work out how to do the same for the View Basket link in the Mini Cart, which is also in an Include Page for the Logo.

    2 - The View Basket Link is not using the CSS I have on my site (using bootstrap) for link colour and hover colour.

    The following is the test page with the script on.

    Yes I know there is probably some invalid code, it has not been tested yet and bootstrap always seems to throw up some odd results :-(

    I will also be making the buy buttons nocart eventually, which is why I would like the mini cart on the pages. Are there any problems with mini cart and nocart?

    Any help would be appreciated. Only a few thousand more pages to go to make this site responsive :-)

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    Dec 18 2015 06:58:48



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    Dec 20 2015 17:20:25



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    Have emailed and made a new test page with buy buttons :-)

    But am struggling to get the mini cart to update when you change something in the cart and use the underlined item return link. The mini cart is only for desktop browsers and is hidden for smaller screens.

    So am abandoning this until the rest of the site is sorted. The test portions of the site - Jenny Watson yarns, patterns and books - are the only section completed and will up released to some of our customers to evaluate shortly.

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)