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Eliminate button for payment method

    Dec 30 2015 14:51:57



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    My cart is setup to only accept PayPal (it's configured for "Use PayPal Payments Standard"). Is there a way to eliminate the radio button in Mal's shopping cart for "credit card or direct cash payment by PayPal"? Clicking that button is an unnecessary step since there is no other payment method. Even worse, if a customer fails to click the button (it may not be obvious that clicking it is required), the transaction cannot be completed, which may lead them to abandon it.

    Preferably, I would like the customer to fill out the shipping/billing info first, then after "Order Now" is clicked, it proceeds onto Paypal without having to click on the radio button.

    Anyone know if that is possible?

    Update: I figured out a solution on my own. Thanks for your help.

    Sep 04 2017 20:02:27



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    I sure would like to know a solution to this issue. Thanks!