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Re:Dispatch Notification Email

    Jan 18 2016 16:21:05



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    Have found it now. It looks like it might be a good new feature but we really need much more info on it.

    He will not get people testing it until they know about it.

    Something I have seen straight away is that we really need a way of batch archiving orders. To have to go in each one to archive is a pain when you have a lot. Even if this is a Premium service, like batch download.

    Plus - what is the merge customers all about - the info says it is there but not how to use it, and it is not intuitive, it goes to minus numbers.

    And who decided on the customer numbers, they start at 1000 and go to 1013 on one of my sites, the other (on the same server) seems to continue the numbers from 1013.
    Does this mean all people on the same server will not have consecutive customer numbers?
    We already give our customers a number, we would really like to change the customer number (like we can their password etc) to match our customer number.

    If you agree with any of the above please post, plus any other observations, then we can just ask Mal to look at this post.

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