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Re:Dispatch Notification Email

    Jan 22 2016 14:00:37



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    Don said There was a discussion on here about being able to notify customers of their shipping status way back last October - November, I asked Mal about it at that time, it was in a Beta version and you had to ask him to activate your shopping cart to use the facility. I used it from the word go and have done ever since, I did pass on my findings on here with instructions of how to set it up and I think Cassie75 commented at that time.

    Actually it was September 2014 - which is why I didn't remember it :-)

    It will be a good feature, but there are quite a few bits to iron out. But if Mal doesn't tell people about it he will never get feedback and it will always be in Beta. I am very surprised it has not been mentioned on Facebook - that seems to be where he posts all new features.

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