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Re:No Customer Message on Invoice/Receipt

    Jan 25 2016 06:28:36



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    Debbie Q said Yes, You post the entire template code inside that little box. You would edit the template like you would any html web page. The images would need to be hosted on your server and you would need to use the full path for any URL or links.

    The URL to the support page is here.

    Debbie, Thank you for all your efforts to clarify how this works and give guidance.
    I must remark, in case you have some influence with the Wizard of Oz and the lines of information he provides on the detailed cart set up guides, for those like me who just want to add something like "thank you for your order" to the customer receipt - informing us up front that clicking the HTML version disables the 'add text' to header and footer, would be most welcome. The Shipping section guidance could be better informed.
    Thanks again your support in this!