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Re:No Customer Message on Invoice/Receipt

    Jan 26 2016 03:58:47



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    cassie75 said Lots of the help files could be better, especially about new features.

    Mal relies on regulars in the forum instead, but then the basic cart is free so perhaps you get what you pay for :-)

    Thank you Cassie for your thoughts. A couple of mine - why doesn't someone like Debbie or yourself that stay on top of the details here put together a serious Help file that correctly addresses the topics on Mal's e-commerce. You could charge for it, make it a subscription service with weekly or monthly updates? I suspect someone could make a nice income out of such a service.
    I'm not much of a fan of the idea, because it's free don't complain or go elsewhere. This shopping cart system is in many ways a high quality product, cannot fathom why the owner doesn't care to keep it updated. Internet businesses are in constant need of staying current. Shopping cart systems are no exception. I know from personal experience that anyone who works with it has put in a lot of their own hours making it work. So it isn't "free" and not that having a Premium account means much but it should be made to mean something even if the rates had to go up. Or pay someone, a subscription Help service, to make up what's lacking now.
    My two cents. :-)