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Header Message Scripts - info only - no reply needed :-)

    Jan 27 2016 08:59:54



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    I have just found out that the Header Message in V2 is the same for the non-secure part of the cart and the final secure page, with the address and card details on it.

    I had assumed that the Header section was only for the normal cart pages, as it was before. The main reason for assuming this was because, below the Header box in "setup" there is space to put some text for any "secure" pages.

    I found out I was wrong because a customer pointed out the final page had a security error on it. On investigation it was because there was something on that page that was not hosted on a secure server.

    I have spoken to both Mal and my Hosting company, both were very helpful.

    It seems I used a script to get around the 250 character limit, which I had always done, but it now needs to be hosted on a secure server for V2.

    It has been fixed now. I had to re-write the header script because part of the wording did not make sense on that final address/payment page, but hopefully our sales will go up now the page is truly secure :-)

    I just wanted to let others know about this so they do not have the same problem.

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